Test Delivery and Invigilation

This module gives an overview of the ‘Invigilation’ screen of Surpass, used to view and manage current tests. Learn how to print an invigilation pack containing test and candidate information ahead of a test, perform tasks such as unlock, pause, resume, and void during a test, and how to upload responses.

Printing an Invigilation Pack

Length: 4 minutes

About: An invigilation pack can include an attendance register, an invigilation report, and candidate keycode slips which are needed in order to access a test. You can create an invigilation pack containing all, or some of this information, either from selected tests, or using the wizard. Objective: By the end of this lesson you will be able to generate […]

Downloading a Test in Advance

Length: 3 minutes

About: This lesson will explain how to download a test to SecureClient in advance, which can then be taken completely offline. This is particularly useful for centres that have a slow or unreliable internet connection, or if you want to ensure that candidate’s do not have to wait at the start of the session for the test to […]

Using the ‘Invigilate’ Screen

Length: 2 minutes

About: This lesson will demonstrate how to understand and interact with the invigilation screen in Surpass. It will explain the layout of the screen, including what each column title refers to and what each action button does. It will also explain how to find information about tests and what status they are currently at, in addition […]

Surpass Web Delivery

About: This lesson will show the strengths of Surpass Web Delivery, and demonstrate the candidate experience of Web Delivery. Objective: When you have finished this lesson, you will understand how the candidate interacts with the web delivery engine, and you will be aware of the strengths and merits of Surpass Web Delivery. Next Steps: Think about what delivery method, […]