Using the ‘Invigilate’ Screen

About: This lesson will demonstrate how to understand and interact with the invigilation screen in Surpass. It will explain the layout of the screen, including what each column title refers to and what each action button does. It will also explain how to find information about tests and what status they are currently at, in addition to explaining how to pause and resume live tests.

Objective: By the end of the lesson you will understand the layout of the Invigilation screen, and the information displayed within it. You will also be able to sort data on this screen as appropriate, and understand the functions of the action buttons at the bottom of the screen. As well as this, you will know how to pause and resume live tests, and how this appears to both invigilators and candidates.

Next Steps: Take the other lessons in the Test Administration and Delivery course to fully understand all of the functions of the Test Administration screen of Surpass. You may also want to try pausing and resuming a dummy test.

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