The Candidate Experience (Flash)

About: This lesson demonstrates how candidates interact with Surpass tests running the Flash driver. The video follows the candidate’s journey from entering a test to submitting their completed script. You will also see the impact of certain test creation decisions (e.g., section and breaks) and invigilation actions. This video focuses on the test experience in web delivery/SecureClient and does not cover the SurpassDelivery app.

Objective: After this lesson, you will know the basic differences between web delivery and SecureClient and understand how candidates enter, take, and submit Surpass tests.

Next Steps: Learn how to implement some of the settings seen in this video by exploring the ‘Test Creation’ and ‘Test Administration’ courses on the Learning Portal. Alternatively, read the following articles on the Knowledge Base:

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Lesson tags: Keycodes, Secureclient, Test Administration, Test Delivery, Web Delivery