Managing Subjects

About: As part of Setup in Surpass, users need to create a subject that items can be authored in. This video gives an overview of the subjects tab in Surpass, and the functions available on this screen.

Objective: By the end of this lesson, you will be able to create a new subject in Surpass, and associate it with the relevant centre. You will also be able to add team members to a subject, understand how to add other subjects to the subject group, and how to edit tag groups. You will also learn how to share a subject with other centres, and how to edit, archive, and delete a subject.

Next Steps: Complete the rest of the lessons in the ‘Setup’ course. Now that you have a subject, you can take the Item Authoring course to start creating question and non-question items within your subject. Start with the lesson on Item Authoring essentials before moving on to the specific question types.


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Lesson tags: Setup, Subjects