Re-marking a Test

About: In Surpass, you can flag a test for re-marking at any point after a test has been marked (and moderated if necessary). Once a test has been flagged for re-marking it will appear in the re-mark tab, where the completed test can be viewed, and any alterations can be made to the marks assigned. This video will walk you through this process, from flagging a test for re-marking to submitting the re-marked test.

Objective: By the end of this lesson you will understand the process for re-marking a test. You will be shown how to flag tests for remark in the Audit section, and you will also have a knowledge of the re-mark functions.

Next Steps: Try flagging your tests for remark in the Audit section, and then remark them. Once you are comfortable with these features, take the other lessons in the Test Administration and Delivery course to fully understand all of the functions of the Test Administration section of Surpass.

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Lesson tags: Audit, Re-Marking, Test Administration, Test Administration 2019