Using the Moderate screen

About: If you have specified that a test requires moderation, once the test has been sat and marked, it will move through to the Moderate tab. To moderate a test, select it in the table, then select ‘View Responses’. You will be able to view the marked test, and make any alterations required.

As well as basic moderation tools, this video will also explain how to:

  • Change the assigned mark for any computer marked or unattempted question.
  • Change the grade boundaries of tests at the moderation stage.
  • View simple analysis and reports.
  • Package a candidate’s completed test as a zip file.
  • Void a test.

Finally, this video will demonstrate how to release tests to the Results screen.

Objective: By the end of this lesson you will know how to view responses in the moderate tab, and have an understanding of the features available on the moderate tab as mentioned above.

Next Steps: Try changing a mark or grade boundary at the moderation stage. Once you are comfortable with the features, try some other lessons within the Test Administration and Delivery course.

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