Marking a Test

About: Once a test has been taken, if it contains any questions that require human marking, such as essay, file attach, or equation entry questions, it will become available to mark in the ‘Mark’ screen in the Test Administration tab. This video will explain how to assign a mark, how to view any attached mark schemes, and how to view the marking history of an item. It will also demonstrate how to submit a script once the marking is completed.

Objective: By the end of this lesson you will understand how to assign a mark to an item requiring human marking, how to view mark schemes and the marking history, and be able to submit a marked script. You will also learn how to use annotations to aid the marking process.

Next Steps: Try marking a practice test for yourself, just make sure that the test has human marked items. If you have tests that are set to require moderation, take the lesson on moderating a test. Also take a look at the other lessons in the Test Administration and Delivery course.

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