Creating a Test Using the Test Wizard

About: Tests can be created quickly and easily in Surpass using the Test Wizard in ‘Item Authoring’. This video explains how to create a test using the Test Wizard.

Objective: By the end of this lesson you will be able to create a test using the Test Wizard. You will also understand how a dynamic test can be created by setting the system to select a specific number of questions from a folder within your subject, and how to add sections to a test. You will also be familiarised with the various settings of the Test Wizard.

Next Steps: You may now try to use the Test Wizard to create a test of your own. Now that your test has been created, it’s ready to be scheduled. Take the lesson on scheduling a test to find out how. If you wish to have greater control in creating your test, watch the videos in the ‘Test Creation’ module.

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