Creating a File Attach Question

About: The File Attach question type allows you to provide candidates with a file, which they can change or edit before uploading it back into Surpass for marking. This question type is perfect for any assessment that requires candidates to use external software, such as Microsoft Word.

Remember to view the lesson on ‘Item Authoring Essentials’ before attempting to create any of the question types.

Objective: By the end of this lesson, you will be able to create a File Attach question in Surpass.

Next Steps: Consider whether this question type would be suitable for items in your subject and view the lessons on different question types. If you are comfortable with this feature, try making a File Attach question of your own. You may also find the lesson on ‘Using the Items Column’ useful for managing and organising items within your subject.



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Lesson tags: Different Page Types, File Attach, Item Authoring