In Tasks, users create jobs and assign them to other users. These jobs can be used to manage item creation and review item quality, amongst other uses.

Users can be Task managers, assignees, or lead assignees. Each type of user carries out a different function within Tasks.

There are three different types of task within the Tasks section of Surpass – Authoring tasks, Review tasks, and General tasks. The functionality available to you depends on the type of user you are and the type of task that you want to create or complete. In this course, you’ll find lessons on how to create and manage tasks, as well as how to complete tasks that have been assigned to you.

The Tasks course is split into modules, including Essentials, Working as a Task Manager, Working as a Task Assignee, and Working as a Lead Assignee. Each module teaches you how each user type works within each task type.

Upon completing this course, you will have a good understanding of how to create, edit, manage, and complete the different types of task.