Item Authoring

The Item Authoring section of Surpass is where you’ll spend time authoring question and non-question items¬†within your subject, which can later be included in one or more tests. In this course, you’ll find lessons on how to create each of the different question types available in Surpass, and also on creating non-question items such as Introduction or Information pages.

You’ll also discover how to add source files and media to question items, and how to add feedback to questions. In addition to this, we’ve included lessons on other elements of the Item Authoring screen which we thought you might find useful, such as how to manage items using the items column and how to add comments to items to facilitate communication between team members who may be working on the same item at different stages of the authoring process.

As this is one of our longer courses, we’ve split it into modules, including Essentials, Different Question Types, and Building a Page, each containing a number of short lessons.

Upon completing this course, you should have a good understanding of the Item Authoring screen and the options available within it, and be able to create a variety of different item types. You will then be ready to move on to the course on Test Creation.


Item Authoring Essentials

This module will cover all of the need-to-know information before you start to author questions within your subject. Upon completion of this module, move on to the module on Different Question Types, to find out about the question types that are available in Surpass, and how to use them. Also take the module on Building a Page to discover the other functions available within Item Authoring.


Building a Page

This module covers additional features that can be included when authoring items, such as how to add media to an item, and how to include feedback in an item. Take this module alongside the module on Different Question Types, to ensure you take advantage of the full functionality of the Item Authoring screen when creating questions.


Different Page Types

Take this module to discover the wide variety of different question types that are available in Surpass, and how to create each of the question types. Also take the Item Authoring Essentials module to ensure you understand the basics of item authoring, and the Building a Page module, to learn how to add media to items, amongst other things.


Advanced Item Authoring

This module covers the additional Item Authoring functionalities and techniques that will allow you to tailor questions to your specifications. Be sure to complete the Item Authoring Essentials, Building a Page, and Different Page Type modules before viewing these lessons, as they presume a basic understanding of the system.