Test Creation Essentials

In this module we will cover the key concepts and ideas that you will need to understand before you can begin to create tests in Surpass. Taking this module will help you understand the different options that are available to you with regard to creating tests. Once you have finished this module, you'll be able to choose which of the methods is most suitable for you.

Simple and Complex Tests

About: This lesson will look into and explain the two different methods of creating tests in Surpass. It will draw attention to the advantages and disadvantages of simple and complex test creation. Before watching this video, please ensure that you have watched the ‘About Tests and Test Forms’ video, which will give you a good introduction […]

Adding Comments to a Test Form

About: This lesson will explain how to view and add comments to a test form within Surpass. Objective: By the end of this session, you will understand how to add comments to a test form and how to view existing comments. Next Steps: Now you understand more about test forms, try taking some of the lessons in the […]

Introduction to Test Creation: About Tests and Test Forms

Length: 2 minutes

Before you can begin to create tests in Surpass, it is useful to understand the concept of ‘Test Forms’.  Before you move on to the next lesson, please read the information below. What is a test form? Test forms are alternative versions of the same test, each containing a different set of questions. A candidate […]