Test Forms: Packaging a Test Form

About: Once you have created a test form, you may wish to preview it.  When the Test Creation screens have been used to create the test, the best way to preview it is to create a sample or dummy candidate and schedule the test for them, as this allows you to test the whole candidate experience.

However, if you find that this is not suitable, you can instead create a ‘Package’ of the test form in the test forms screen – this gives you a zip file containing the test that you can interact with as the candidate would. This is also useful if you want to put a copy of a test on your website as a practice or familiarisation test.

Please bear in mind though that the results of a packaged test are not stored or submitted, so if you need to keep track of who has taken the test, this method won’t be suitable. You should also note that that the File Attach question type cannot be used within packaged tests.

Objective: By the end of this lesson you will understand the process for packaging a test form, and how to access your packaged test after it has been downloaded.

Next Steps: Think about whether the Package Test Form function might be useful for tests that you have created. If it would be useful, try packaging your own test form.


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